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Let’s review the various aspects that PG Slots displays, going into the popular game-within-a-game feature and moving on to the additional gameplay options each of the game’s characters offers. With the help of our in-depth analysis, you can become one of their loyal players.

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What are PG Slots?

Mobile casinos can play games from PG Slots, sometimes called Pocket Games Soft. It was established in 2015 by a group of enthusiasts for creating casino games like slots and various table games. Based in North America, Asia, and Europe, the corporation may be regarded as a well-known player in the market and a respectable associate of other players.

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A Brief History of PG Slots

This company was founded in 2016, so it isn’t the most established name in the business. They were founded by Ken Zhang, a man with a vision for the company, immediately. Ken Zhang intended to build only the best-looking mobile device slot machines. It means he proceeded and hired talented artists and creators. 

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The hub of their operations is in Malta – as with many online gambling companies – but this company also has offices in mainland Europe and North America. Throughout the very start, they established an independent market for themselves — being expert mobile casino game producers.

Instead of creating and adapting a desktop game to fit a mobile screen, they decided to work on mobile games. Therefore, their mobile games aren’t slightly pared-down versions of desktop slots – they’re unique games in their rights. Currently, games from this company are found at only a few online casinos, but we expect their popularity to boom soon.

How To Play PG Slots?

PG Slots says you can open any paid or free game from a creator without risk. It meets the quality and fairness standards of the online casino. Finding a reliable online casino is important if you want to play the games.

PG Slots have an unattractive control screen. Players who are blind may find small buttons hard to use. But all PG Slots have the same layout, which makes it easy to learn.

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When you choose the game, there will be three new openings. The left window shows how much money you have. It’s “fun money” in the demo version and your online casino wallet in the basic form. The amount of bet is shown in the second box in the middle. This button shows the bet tool. Select Bet Level, Base Bet. and Bet Size. 

When you change one number, the amount you bet changes. The size is shown in this window and on the computer. Bets range from 0.01 coins per line to 375 coins per round in PG Slots games. Click “Confirm” to get the wheel turning. Use the round button in the middle. The winner is the last window show.

PG Slots users can turn on autoplay and Turbo Spin in several video slots. They’ll move the drums quickly and on their own. It’s easy for a short time, but seeing what happens is better.

Different Types of Online Slot Games Offered by PG Slots

Although their slot selection is limited, this company is expanding. This website notes that every slot they’ve built is for mobile gamers. Desktop people can play, but the game won’t fill their screens. This website can’t cover every slot this company offers, but we’ll discuss our best five below.

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1. Mythical Treasure Jackpot

Mythical Treasure Jackpot is unquestionably the first game to be mentioned. The company’s main progressive jackpot game occasionally offers enormous payouts. 

It boasts a Chinese theme – which is fairly common in today’s market – and has a Return To Player of 95.09%, which is outstanding for a progressive jackpot slot machine. As more people become aware of the fantastic software provider’s games, anticipate the progressive prize to increase more quickly.

2. Medusa II

Medusa II is the third slot machine from this developer that we suggest. Although sequels aren’t always noteworthy, this one hits all the right notes. This slot boasts the most impressive graphics of any of them, which is a bold claim, and it also features incredibly creative gameplay. The hero advances through the temple with each spin, making it a hybrid first-person action slot. Gather gems for rewards, but beware of Medusa’s sudden appearance!

3. Jungle Delight

The next game is Jungle Delight, one of the most thrilling. The symbols are all based on various fruits, as the title implies, and the action takes place in a jungle setting. The main feature begins when you land three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. It launches eight free spins with sticky symbols. You might win up to 15,000 times your wager while these free spins are live! It has a more-than-fair RTP of 96.03% and medium volatility.

4. Steampunk: Wheel of Destiny

This slot has three reels set up in the shape of a wheel ring and may have the most “unique-looking” design on our favorites list. By utilizing its 95.62% RTP and various features, this medium volatility slot machine offers a genuinely exceptional gaming experience. Respins, free spins, and a bonus feature that lets players choose whether to gamble for a greater return or take the one offered right away will all be advantageous.

5. Phoenix Rises

One of PG’s newest releases is this gorgeous 3D video slot, which has a medium level of volatility and an RTP of 96.7%. This game, which has an overall “oriental” theme, offers 243 winning combinations, a 5×3 reel layout, wild symbols, free spins symbols, and win multipliers up to x150. Phoenix Rises has a maximum single-win potential of 20,000 times a player’s wager!

What Makes PG Soft so Successful?

PG Soft is one of the most successful providers of online casino games and for good reason. One key factor that sets PG Soft apart from other providers is their focus on creating immersive gaming experiences that keep players engaged in the story.

what makes pg slots successful

One of the ways that PG Soft achieves this is by using “game within a game” features. These features add excitement and engagement to the gameplay, allowing players to interact with the game world and characters in new and exciting ways. 

For example, in some games, players may have the opportunity to engage in mini-games or side quests that offer additional rewards and prizes. It not only keeps players engaged in the game but also adds a sense of depth and richness to the overall gaming experience.

Features Available at PG Slots

PG Soft keeps players engaged through their commitment to storytelling. Many of their games feature-rich and engaging narratives that players can explore as they play. From fantasy worlds to sci-fi adventures, PG Soft’s games offer something for everyone.

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Portrait Game Mode

The “portrait game mode” orientation of all of PG’s games are mentioned here. Even though this isn’t exactly a new concept, only PG Slot is known to have balanced this type of design successfully, making each of its titles an iconic piece of software.

Play-round Function

PG Slot offers an innovative feature that sets it apart from other online casino platforms: the detailed “play-round history” function. This function allows players to manually inspect the statistics of previous spins that have been made. This feature is especially useful for players looking to optimize their strategies or those simply curious about the results of past spins.

With the play-round history function, players can access a detailed breakdown of every spin they have made, including the amount of bet, the result, and the time and date of the spin. This information can be sorted by various criteria, including date, bet amount, and game type, allowing players to easily track their progress.

Gameplay Speed

One of these features is the “smart feature” that offers a prompt to increase gameplay speed when the slots sense that a person is utilizing a “slam stop” function to spin and stop the reels as fast as possible.

The slam stop function is a popular technique many players use to speed up the game. It involves rapidly clicking the spin and stop buttons to quickly spin and stop the reels. 

To combat this issue, PG Slot has introduced a smart feature that detects when a player is using the slam stop technique and offers a prompt to increase the gameplay speed instead. This feature not only helps to improve the overall gaming experience for players, but it also promotes responsible gaming by encouraging players to take a more measured approach to their gameplay.

PG Slots Mobile Application in Online Gaming Industry

PG Slots Mobile Application is a game-changer in the online gaming industry, offering players a seamless and immersive gaming experience at their fingertips. With the rise of mobile gaming, PG Soft has quickly adapted, developing a mobile application that offers all the same features and functionality as their desktop platform.

pg slots mobile application

To be more specific, they are usable with the operating systems of Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac OS. Even the free versions of games are being reinvented as app-based experiences for mobile devices so that every player can test them out and decide whether they like them.


PG Soft is licensed and regulated by several reputable regulatory bodies, including the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), and the UK Gambling Commission.

Yes, PG Soft games are optimized for mobile play and can be played on iOS and Android.

PG Soft offers games, including classic and video slots, which you can play at iplwin


PG Soft offers a new generation of software. The creation of games for mobile casinos is one of its main objectives. The company’s benefits include a fairly high average RTP coefficient, a large assortment of games, many jackpot varieties ranging from very modest to nearly eternal ones (progressive jackpots), and a high level of security. Finding PG Soft’s flaws is challenging. Regarding the other requirements, they satisfy the exacting standards of reputable regulators and the demanding requirements of knowledgeable clients.