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Blackjack Perfect Pairs Explained – A Perfect Match Made in Cards

Performing a hand of internet-based blackjack perfect pairs and obtaining a payout of 30/1 on a stake is very nice, but some people could argue that nothing is perfect. So how exactly did you build up such a large win during that round of blackjack? This is where the Perfect Pairs come into play.

blackjack perfect pairs

What are Blackjack Perfect Pairs?

In the side bet known as Blackjack Perfect Combinations, the player’s first two cards create a pair, with three different sorts of pairs paying out at variable odds. A pair is defined as two cards with an equal number (two to ten) or the same face value (jacks, queens, kings, and aces).

what is blackjack perfect pairs

How to play Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs follows the same set of rules as other games. You are given two cards. A dealer is dealt two cards. You are permitted to strike, stand, double down, etc. If you overage, both you and the dealer bust.

how to play blackjack perfect pairs

The side bet is the only distinction. The result of this wager has no bearing on your first wager.

You will win the big bet if your score is closer to 21 compared to the dealer’s or if you are still holding the card when the dealer busts.

If you obtain a set of two, you win the bet on perfect pairs. That looks easy enough, but how well your couple performs will determine how much money they receive.

Here is an example of a payment table:

  • 5 to 1 for different colors and outfits.
  • Different suits in the same color: 10 to 1
  • The odds of matching a suit and color (the dreaded perfect pair) are 30 to 1.

Of course, the payouts at various casinos will vary. In certain casinos, the payment for a perfect pair might only be 25 to 1, whereas a different, more generous casino might provide a 35 to 1 payout. For the other combinations, the amounts can also differ. Instead of 5 to 1 and 10 to 1, you might see 6 to 1 or 12 payouts.

Casinos can manipulate the payouts for specific hands to change the house edge appropriately. The number of players at one set of rewards will be compared to the expected revenue, and the game will be optimized as a result. They seek the greatest amount of activity and edge. One method they can do is to modify the payouts for the side bets.

Three Different Types of Pairs

In the captivating blackjack world, players can discover the excitement of forming different types of pairs. These pairs add an extra layer of thrill to the game, offering unique betting options and potential payouts. 

different types of blackjack perfect

1. Mixed pair

A Mixed Pair is a type of blackjack pair consisting of two cards of the same rank but different colors. In other words, the cards have the same numerical value but come from different suits and have different-colored backs.

For example, a black 5 of Spades and a red 5 of Hearts would form a Mixed Pair. While not as rare as a Perfect Pair, a Mixed Pair still holds excitement for players as it allows them to win additional payouts in certain blackjack variations that offer side bets.

2. Coloured pair

A Coloured Pair is a type of pair in blackjack that consists of two cards of the same rank but different suits, with each card belonging to a different color category. 

For example, a red Queen of Hearts and a red Queen of Diamonds would form a Coloured Pair, unlike a Perfect Pair, where both the rank and suit match, a Coloured Pair focuses on matching the rank while allowing for variation in the suits. 

3. Perfect pair

A Perfect Pair is the most desirable and sought-after pair in blackjack. It occurs when the player is dealt two cards of the same rank and suit, resulting in a perfect match. 

For example, receiving two Queen of Hearts cards would form a Perfect Pair. The Perfect Pair is considered the rarest and most valuable type of pair in blackjack, often offering the highest payout in side bet options. 

Before any playing cards are dealt, players must choose if they want to wager on Perfect Pairs. In accordance with the house rules of the physical or online casino you’re playing at, the side bet will then be paid before the main blackjack game is played.

Perfect Pairs House Edge

The house edge for perfect pairing side bets varies between 2% to 11%.

On average, a flawless pair will appear only roughly once every 60 hands. Of course, you might see it pop up a little more frequently or a lot less frequently, depending on your luck, but the frequency should be about between those amounts.

house edge perfect pair

Blackjack’s house advantage is difficult to determine because it depends on many variables. However, figuring out the house advantage for this specific side bet is not difficult. You begin by determining the likelihood that you will receive each hand and compare that to the payoff for each hand.

For this example, we’ll suppose you’re participating in a game with eight decks.

You must determine your chances of receiving a second card with the identical level and suit as the initial one to receive the maximum payout of 30 to 1. For example, you have 416 cards in total with eight decks in play, but one of those has already been dealt with. Therefore, only 7 of the remaining 415 cards will be used to create your hand. Therefore, the chance of finding a “perfect pair” is 7/415, or roughly 1 in 59.

  • A 30-unit win has a 1.69% chance of occurring.

We employ a similar method when the suits are the same color but different. You have 415 cards in all, and 8 of them will go into your hand. Making this hand is 8/415, or roughly 1 in 51, likely.

  • A winning ten units have a 1.93% chance of occurring.

We perform a similar computation for the smallest winning hand, which has a pair of multiple colors and various suits. Although you still have 415 cards, only 16 will be used to create your hand. (Some cards will result in a better-paying hand; they are not considered.) The odds of winning this hand are 16/415, or around 1 in 26, the same as before.

You may calculate the payout % for the wager by adding the three potential outcomes.

0.507 + 0.193 + 0.193 = 89.3%.

Your home advantage is 10.7% when you deduct it from 100%.

A casino with a reduced house edge would provide a larger payout on these hands. Additionally, increasing the number of decks would impact the payment %.

Here is an illustration of how altering a hand’s payout would alter the house edge:

Imagine receiving 35 to 1 rather than 30 to 1. That would raise the payout’s estimated value from 0.507 to 0.5915. It is a significant difference of roughly 9%, which would reduce the house edge to 1.7% and make the wager far more logical.

Here is an illustration of how the house edge would alter depending on the number of decks being used:

Assume that there are six decks active rather than 8. You now have a 5/306 chance of hitting your hand as opposed to a 7/415 chance. Instead of 1.69%, there is now a 1.63% probability of getting the highest-paying hand. So, with fewer decks in play, the house edge on this side bet would increase.


A Perfect Pair pays out at a ratio of 30:1, a Colored Pair pays out at a ratio of 10:1, and a Mixed Pair pays out at a ratio of 5:1 when the color and suit are different.

Perfect Pairs can involve three types of pairs:

  • Colored Pair
  • Mixed Pair
  • Perfect Pai

Yes, many online blackjack games offer Perfect Pairs as a side bet option. However, availability may vary among different casinos and game variations.


The Perfect Pairs Blackjack game is a fun and unique variant with an intriguing side bet but a very substantial house edge. However, the house edge on this bet is not significantly larger than the house edge on games like roulette that have equivalent high payout bets; in fact, there is a possibility that the house edge on this bet could even be slightly lower than the house edge on roulette. It all relies on the different payouts available for the different hands. Iplwin, which allows you to test out the game for free, is the perfect place to play Perfect Pairs blackjack. Click here.

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